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Many people find it difficult to practice humility. If other people give an advice, it is always better to take that and evaluate it if it can help. In fact, humility is about focusing on the unknown instead of the known. A humble person is not a puppet in the hands of others.

The other person will be hurt and take it ill. He was a very senior leader and could claim any important post, but in extreme humility he Essay humility not hesitate to accept to be an ordinary volunteer Very often your temperament influences your attitude.

This is not true.

An Essay on Humility

He would laugh away their valuable suggestions. He is thoughtful because he is not self-centered. In addition, many are afraid to accept changes because of pride, the opposite of humility. This is why true humility is intelligent self respect.


By his humility and meekness he averts ill feeling and its consequences. He was so proud of his ability and engineering competence that he ignored the suggestions of the young engineers.

Humility is shown when one does not demand for more blessings. Today, you will read Essay on: Humility is a value that is manifested through selflessness. He does not care for the views of the others.

A person with immense self confidence thinks too highly of himself and becomes egoistic. Examples of Humility; Humility comes in many forms Retrieved from http: It spoils friendship and embitters relations.

Essay Topic : True humility is intelligent self respect

He gets annoyed and blames others for his own mistakes. What others think does not really matter. He consults others and seeks their advice.Humility is defined as "a modest or low view of one's own importance. " When talking about humility as a whole, we generally talk about developing an honest and accurate view of our importance in the universe.3/5(5).

Essay Pride vs. Humility Pride vs. Humility The Bible teaches us that humility is a virtue worth seeking and that pride is a sin. Culture throughout history. Humility is the orphaned virtue of our age.

Charles Dickens dealt it a mortal blow in his portrayal of the unctuous Uriah Heep, the man who kept saying, "I am the 'umblest person going." Its demise, though, came a century later with the threatening anonymity of mass culture alongside the loss of neighbourhoods and congregations.

Humility means understanding that the delights, pains and needs of others are as important as our own, even though they don’t feel so.

When we are humble, we can laugh at our self importance and sometimes, even, set it aside. Apr 22,  · Humility is a word that is often heard but not yet fully understood by many. Misinterpretations about what "humility" is are still present. Some think that humility is the refusal to show everyone the skills and talents one has.

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Essay humility
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